Duck Burger

For those who have not tried the Peking duck burger yet, give it a try right away. This is a wildly popular sandwich that originated from combining the flavour of the Peking duck dish into one of the world’s most favorite fast-food items. Surprisingly, you can make one at home, especially if you suddenly crave this exotic food.


Here are the steps on how to make this delicious and innovative dish:

1. Preheat the oven up to 135 degrees Celsius or 275 degrees Fahrenheit. After doing so, remove the skin from one of two boneless duck breasts. Each duck breast should weigh approximately one pound or 500 grams.

2. Cut down extra fat from the duck breast skin, place them sequentially on a baking sheet that has lined parchment paper, and apply salt and pepper for seasoning. Enclose with another sheet of paper and baking foil to push the skin until it becomes even, and transfer to the center oven rack for around 45 minutes. Once the skin appears bronze-like and becomes crispy, slice the skin into strips.

3. Mix one sliced small knob ginger with a one-half cup (12 milliliters) of liquid honey in a saucepan, set it to medium-low, simmer barely, and leave it awhile.

4. Cut the duck meat into cubes using a medium-bladed meat grinder, and prepare a mixing bowl to pour the contents into.

5. Combine one tablespoon of soy sauce, one minced scallion, one tablespoon of minced chives, and one-half teaspoon of minced ginger. Add salt and pepper for seasoning, and stir the mixture well.

6. Prepare a serving set that should consist of four or 12 evenly distributed patties and season with salt and pepper amply. Toast the burgers up to an appropriate degree, and leave it cool down for a while.

7. Sprinkle one-half cup (50 milliliters) of hoisin sauce on the lower half of every bun. Brush the patties with the ginger-honey mixture, top them with crispy skin, and add one julienned scallion underneath the upper half of the bun.

As far as the serving goes, this sandwich makes four regular-sized burgers or 12 mini-burgers.

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