Every corporate meeting should at least be accompanied or conclude with a scrumptious set of food and drinks to spark the mood of colleagues and create a well-balanced atmosphere. So the next time you will have a corporate meeting, consider an entirely different but exciting venue. You do not want to cause any disinterest or ruin the mood of your colleagues.

Luckily, Havana Lunch Restaurant & Catering provides you with the option to book a business meeting with its dedicated space. The completely separate physical location for this sole purpose is classified into two distinct areas: a boardroom for larger and longer conferences, and a tinier room with a laid-back ambiance that is perfect for brief talks.

Its modern-looking boardroom serves as the appropriate spot to conduct conferences for meeting or planning on a larger scale. Aside from this well-appointed space, you can also take advantage of the on-site catering to keep the discussion fueled from time to time.

The smaller room, on the other hand, is designed especially for one-on-one discussions. With your choice of coffee, tea, or any lunch food, any intimate conversation becomes stimulating.

If you are trying to rent a space for meetings that will be held beyond office hours or on the weekend, contact Havana over the phone or via email. You should give a call right away to make a faster arrangement for your meeting booking. Additionally, you may fill out the booking meeting form on this page to submit a request.