The Food Bar / Menu

Since its establishment, Havana has provided comfort, authenticity, and warmth to its growing customer base. Aside from its mainline lunch restaurant, it also has a corporate catering operation targeted at large-scale executive events.

Its catering business line offers specially made menus for managerial lunches and dinners. It delivers delicious specials that are cooked and prepared entirely from the ground up, using only the finest ingredients that are thoroughly handpicked by its expert resident chefs. Guests will undoubtedly enjoy some of the tastiest food it has to offer.

The company serves a wide variety of lunch delicacies as well as other dishes that consist of appetizers, breakfast and dinner meals, desserts, and drinks. Although it offers a selected few menu items that do not have gluten on them, it does not claim to be a gluten-free facility. So keep this in mind when selecting menu items to be catered to keep guests from experiencing allergic reactions.

Lunch Dishes

Havana offers a mixture of hot and cold lunch meals set for corporate catering. Chipotle roast beef, chicken pot pie or stew topped with phyllo pastry, lasagna with fresh focaccia, crustless quiche, and Greek salad are among its top-rated choices.


A few stimulating small dishes can make or break a banquet. Choose from parmesan beef meatballs, goat cheese tartlets, crab bruschetta, ginger sweet potato salad, or baked pita wedges to complement your main dishes.

Breakfast and Dinner

For a delicious breakfast menu set, you have crullers with house-made glaze, multigrain buns, burritos, mini croissants, and freshly cut seasonal fruits. When it comes to a fulfilling dinner menu set, there’s a family-sized Porchetta roast tenderloin, stuffed chicken breast, and honey dill glazed salmon just for you.


To conclude your feast on a higher note, make sure that your line-up of tasty desserts are as fulfilling as they are visually enticing. Be it a three-layered cake, vanilla Panna Cotta, freshly baked cookies, brownies, or an assortment of mini tarts and pies; guests are sure to leave the venue with complete satisfaction.


Your guests’ thirst should be quenched with a small or large cup of freshly brewed coffee, assorted fruit juice, or dry soda, among other popular offerings.

Top-quality food and refreshments aside, the whole catering team is consistently professional in their response and dedication to excellent customer service. With this superior quality system, executive dining has been made more enjoyable and satisfying.

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