Charbroiled Sweet Potatoes

A charbroiled sweet potato is one perfect seasonal dish that you need to try out. It is best served with sweet corn in late summer, or a bowl of healthy soup during fall. Additionally, you can even pair it with a glass of milk for that tastier meal.


Here are the steps on how to make your very own charbroiled sweet potatoes:

1. Set up your fire pit and make a wood fire. Alternatively, you may use barbecue charcoal. Get the coals to burn well so that you can put the sweet potatoes precisely above them.

2. Rotate the grilled potatoes every 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the rotation up to one hour so that the whole surface becomes charred black. Use a skewer and confirm if the utensil penetrates the core quickly. If so, this indicates that the potatoes are well-done.

3. Have a serving board ready so that you can place the newly cooked potatoes on it. Allow the sweet potatoes to cool down for a few minutes.

4. Slice each sweet potato lengthwise into two pieces using a sharp knife. However, be extremely careful when handling them, or the external crust might break up.

5. Make sure the cut side of each sweet potato is the one that is facing upwards. Shower the sweet potatoes with fresh herbs, oil, and salt to taste.

The charbroiled sweet potatoes make eight servings.

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