Is It Better to Take CBD Oil With Food or Separately?

CBD Oil With Food

You are likely familiar with CBD cream for pain Canada and its many benefits to your body. In this case, you should know that it’s possible to boost the absorption and delivery of CBD in your body when you take CBD oil with food.

Nevertheless, you are likely wondering if it is better to take it with food. With that said, continue reading to understand the answer better.

The Advantages of Taking CBD With Food

The bioavailability of CBD oil can be improved when taken with food or even cooking food with CBD oil. In addition, when you eat a particular food, it can be further enhanced.

Advantages of Taking CBD with Food

In this case, bioavailability means the rate and degree CBD is taken in and delivered to the bloodstream, which allows this substance to interact with the different systems in the body.

For example, your digestive system absorbs its active ingredients when you take products orally. Your stomach breaks down the CBD and other compounds for CBD oil before your small intestine drink it.

After that, the portal vein sends these compounds to your liver directly. Eating a particular food gives your liver a better CBD absorption rate.

How to Take CBD Oil with Food

CBD Oil with Food

Cytochrome P450 or CYP450, a group of enzymes found in the liver, works on CBD. Before the compounds go to the circulatory system, these enzymes metabolize the compounds. Then, the first-pass metabolism occurs in the process. The CBD is broken into more than 100 metabolites in this case.

Many of these are not valuable to the body, so they are quickly eliminated. As a result, CBD concentration and bioavailability are reduced. Simply put, less CBD gets into the bloodstream because of the first-pass metabolism.

CBD concentration changes have limited effects when you eat particular food with CBD oil. That is because the food allows CBD to avoid the first-pass metabolism. As a result, you can have better CBD concentration when you consume CBD oil with food rather than without.

Recommended Food to Have with CBD Oil

Food with medium and long triglycerides is ideal for CBD oil because of the solid binding agent of the fatty acids to CBD. Moreover, the liver metabolizes these compounds directly into energy. Therefore, your body can burn the fats and utilize the CBD compounds stored immediately.

Recent research from Nottingham has supported the benefits of having CBD with food rich in fatty acids.

They learned that it helps bypass the first-pass metabolism, so CBD is better absorbed in the body. A different study discovered that CBD bioavailability is four times better when CBD is taken after a meal.

Fatty acids with 6 to 10 carbons or 14 or more carbons are recommended. They are usually seen in oils, fats, and other food such as olive oil, avocado, meat, eggs, fish, and nuts, among many others.

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