Meal delivery kits in Canada vary from snacks, different pub foods, and even dining, depending on what one needs to try it out. Some recommend Hellofresh because it cover plenty of occasions, such as dessert for many people or simple burgers and cocktails.

Below are some of the best recipe boxes and meal kits;

  • Arabica Feast

The meal originates from Lebanon, and it is comprised of roast chickpeas, a pumpkin, and a dried mint from Turkey covered in peppers. The meal is usually eaten before a heavy meal, and almost five percent of the sales are given to Red Cross activities in Lebanon.

  • Aktar

The meals from the hotel originate from award-winning chef Aktar Islam. The box contains a leg of a lamb that has been smoked and veggie curries that act as accompaniments. It also comes with a menu on how to prepare the meal.

  • Polished Cumbrian food

The meal is prepared in the Lake District and consists of some Lamb meat, some gravy, some creamy mash, cheese, ham, and peas, making it very popular. The meal delivery in Canada occurs every Friday, so it’s good to order early on Tuesdays.

  • Mortimer house –porchetta

The meal (porchetta) is prepared with broccoli, roasties, and a burrata is served as a starter before eating the meal. Some onion jam is included for sandwiches, and four kits, which are ordered, go for about €120.

  • Bubbledogs meal boxes

A bubbledog can be prepared at home and may comprise of some cheese and Reuben. The four kits come loaded with some buns and toppings, which have tater tots. A bottle of champagne from Sadia acts as a good accompaniment.

  • Kolamba

The Sri Lanka meal comes in different varieties, such as chicken curry and a vegan jack fruit curry, which is delicious. One can also order extra pickles, rice, and chutneys since the meal kits are readily available and the meal is just warmed before consumption.

  • Willy’s Pies

This meal created by Will Lewis changes from time to time but always consists of some meat, some veggies, and some treacle tart. The meal is delicious, and customers can enjoy a monthly subscription to get meals delivered to them.

  • Sambal Shiok

The meal was introduced from Malaysia by Mandy Yin. It consists of a coconut broth, prawns, chicken pieces, tofu, and some egg noodles, making the meal delicious. One can order the meal from various websites and delivered it to homes.

  • Burger and beyond

Burgers from the joint are famous and mainly comprise some brioche burns, minced beef, bacon, cheese slices, and diced onions, giving the burgers a unique taste. The burgers have their new kits, which and can be delivered anywhere in Canada.

  • The Vurger Co

The above site offers some of the best vegan meals in Canada. Each meal kit comprises patties, lettuce, vegan cheese, tomatoes, and some fries, which make the meal very popular. Meal delivery in Canada for the kits from Vurger can be possible after placing an order.


The above sites and meals are very delicious and popular. Once ordered for a cheap price, delivery is instant to your home. They also come with different kits and boxes once delivered.

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