Designing a Custom T-Shirt for Your Restaurant, Café or Bar

T-Shirt for Your Restaurant

If you are planning to open a restaurant, café, custom hoodies store or bar or you already have one, then you can consider designing custom t-shirts for your business. Having this t-shirt for your business is advantageous in many ways.

A custom t-shirt promotes team spirit among the staff. Additionally, it creates a sense of identity where the staff takes pride in being a part of your business.

You can also sell the t-shirts to your customers and promote your business. You can as well give them for free to your loyal customers as a sign of appreciation. This makes your business look professional.

In the real world, customers will always choose to dine in a café or restaurant where they can easily differentiate between the staff and customers due to their uniforms. Therefore, having custom t-shirts is a good idea for restaurants, cafés, and bar owners.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to design the t-shirts for your business.


You need a designing tool to create a striking design with your business name and logo. You can use Photoshop software, oShirt app, or any other designing tool. Then select your preferred shape, image, and font.

Designing procedure

For demonstration, oShirt app has been used in this article. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Open oShirt app

Open the application and choose the garment you want to design from the available options. In this case, you need to choose a t-shirt. Then select the color you want by tapping on the color icon in the app.

  1. Choose a shape

Select a shape that symbolizes the nature of your business. For example, you can select a cup of coffee if you are designing the t-shirts for a café or restaurant. However, if you cannot find a relevant shape from the ones provided, you can search for a shape in your browser and then add it by clicking on the photos menu.

  1. Add the business name 

Then add your preferred business name. It is recommended that you chose a name that clearly indicates the services you offer. The name should also be short and eye-catching.

  1. Choose a font 

You need to select your preferred font from the options available. The font should match the shape and name of your business. Additionally, it should be readable by all customers.

  1. Add any other relevant information

You can add more information, such as your location, specialty, and slogan. However, this information should be brief and relevant.

  1. Final touches 

Preview your design and make any necessary amendments. You can enlarge or reduce the size depending on your preference. You can also use a different color and font.

Final thoughts

Having a custom t-shirt for your business is advantageous as it makes your business look professional. Your workers and customers also develop a sense of identity. Therefore, if you are a restaurant, café, or bar owner, you should consider designing custom t-shirts for your business.

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